The NBCC Foundation is pleased to announce the 2013 Foundation scholarships. The scholarship program is integral to the NBCC Foundation’s mission to leverage the power of counseling by strategically focusing resources for positive change. The goal of the scholarship program is to increase the number of counselors in priority underserved communities, currently considered to be military and rural populations.

Scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in a CACREP-accredited, master’s-level counseling program. The NBCCF military scholarships provide financial support to service members and veterans who commit to serving military, veterans and families for a minimum of two years upon graduation. The rural scholarships support students living in rural areas who commit to serving rural populations upon graduation.

Five military and five rural scholarships are available in the amount of $5,000 each.

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Comprehensive on Completion Marylands public colleges are working to comply with one of the nations most ambitious college completion bills. High schools must test students on their college readiness before they finish their junior years and create transition courses for students who are deemed unprepared. Public colleges must require students to complete at least one non-remedial math and English course as part of their first 24 credits.

I know the calendar doesnt require me to be thankful this week, but I cant help myself.

Its a permanent condition I caught working with so many incredibly talented and kind people in higher education ;-)

Now that weve wrapped up the last session of our online certificate courses at Higher Ed Experts the online school for professionals like you working in universities and colleges its finally time to congratulate and celebrate the Higher Ed Experts Class of 2013!

Donna Barnes and her Higher Ed Experts certificate in a Selfieticate as part of our social media contest

Juggling work, family, volunteer commitments and often grad school, these Higher Ed Experts graduates (colleagues of yours working for schools in the US, Canada, Australia, Barbados, and Egypt) chose to invest some of their little free time to improve their professionals skills by taking one of our 4-week or 8-week online courses. Read more…

I love holidays cards. So, every year since 2010, I watch lots of them to create a nice little collection for everybodys viewing pleasure (2010 collection, 2011 collection and 2012 collection)

This year again, I asked the readers of my weekly newsletter (not a subscriber yet?) if they could send links to their 2013 holidays cards. I also got some suggestions via Twitter and Facebook.

So, heres the selection of my favorites 2013 holidays videos (in no specific order).

If you have a holiday card or have seen a cool one that isnt listed here, post a comment so we can all watch it and get inspired, next year, when its time to come up with an idea for the 2014 Holiday Video :-)

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

Dont forget to post yours in the comment!

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Would you rather the Wake County Board of Commissioners just pass the bulk of the tax increase for the school bond issue next year or phase in the increase over multiple years?

As noted in today’s article, the funding scenario from county staff was for taxes to go up 4.86 cents per $100 of property value in the 2014-15 budget to pay for the bond debt costs. An additional tax increase of 0.67 cents would be spread out during the following four years to pay for operating the new schools as they open.

But Joe Bryan, chairman of the board of commissioners, said Wednesday the panel will have “serious discussions” about phasing in the 4.86-cent tax increase over multiple years. He sa

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  • The NYPD is investigating a Queens teacher for sexual abuse of a five-year-old boy.
  • Mayoral candidates went head to head on charter schools during Tuesdays debate.
  • Critics of the Panel for Educational Policy eagerly await a possible Mayor de Blasio.
  • New York parents and politicians want State Education Commissioner John King to resign.
  • The State Ed Department is developing a new format for Kings Common Core meetings.
  • After canceling public Common Core meetings, King had private meetings with school officials.
  • New York teachers and administrators have mixed feelings about the Common Core.
  • The Common Core standards have changed the textbook industry by inviting more competition.
  • Both mayoral candidates agree that schools should close on two major Muslim holidays.
  • The DOE plans to reduce enrollment at M.S.

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Boost your spreadsheet know-how in minutes with these easy Microsoft Excel tips from expert instructors.

1. Learn how to keep the content of your cells within the boundaries of your design.

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2. Want to quickly copy a cell’s formatting? The Format Painter can help.

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3. Find out how to add links within your workbook to another workbook document, or other resource.

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4. Line chart? Pie chart? Column chart? Which type will work best for your data?

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5. T

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