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I know the calendar doesnt require me to be thankful this week, but I cant help myself.

Its a permanent condition I caught working with so many incredibly talented and kind people in higher education ;-)

Now that weve wrapped up the last session of our online certificate courses at Higher Ed Experts the online school for professionals like you working in universities and colleges its finally time to congratulate and celebrate the Higher Ed Experts Class of 2013!

Donna Barnes and her Higher Ed Experts certificate in a Selfieticate as part of our social media contest

Juggling work, family, volunteer commitments and often grad school, these Higher Ed Experts graduates (colleagues of yours working for schools in the US, Canada, Australia, Barbados, and Egypt) chose to invest some of their little free time to improve their professionals skills by taking one of our 4-week or 8-week online courses. Read more…

Boost your spreadsheet know-how in minutes with these easy Microsoft Excel tips from expert instructors.

1. Learn how to keep the content of your cells within the boundaries of your design.

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2. Want to quickly copy a cell’s formatting? The Format Painter can help.

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3. Find out how to add links within your workbook to another workbook document, or other resource.

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4. Line chart? Pie chart? Column chart? Which type will work best for your data?

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5. T

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Check this video out on Comedy Improvisation tips dont try and be funny, commit, allow, listen, agree, etc

With Heather and Jason from The Maydays a Brighton/London based improv group who teach and perform comedy improvisation

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Self-Help Messiah by Steven Watts is the new critically acclaimed biography on Dale Carnegie Trainings founder, Dale Carnegie. We are excited to provide you with two exclusive excerpts from the book that The Economist called, insightful and comprehensive. Get a behind the scenes look at what shaped and created the man who penned one of the best selling books of all time.

On a cold January evening in 1936, a great horde descended on the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Three thousand people crammed into the grand ballroom and onto the balcony encircling it, while hundreds more stood shivering on the sidewalk outside, unable to find even standing room as the hotel staff frantically wedged the doors shut and hoped the fire marshal would not appear. The throng was responding to a series of full-page ads in the New York Sun that promised Increase Your Income, Learn to Speak Effectively, Prepare for Leadership.

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After filling out the application, writing two essays and answering numerous questions, Northwestern Oklahoma State University freshman JonReid Ross of Burlington finally heard the news he had been waiting for – the Oklahoma Division of Student Assistance (ODSA) program had awarded him a scholarship to help defray costs at Northwestern for the fall 2013.

“The ODSA Scholarship Committee found your achievements exemplary, and we are very happy to name you as a TRiO scholar,” stated Norman H. Markland, chair of the ODSA Scholarship Committee, in a letter received by Ross.

ODSA is the state organization for the Upward Bound/TRiO programs offered at Northwestern. Ross p

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Tis the season of cookies, egg nog and holiday video cards in higher education!

I always collect a selection of the best higher ed holiday card videos in a post on this blog. Its been a holiday tradition for the past 3 years.

And, this year like in the past, there was a lot of activity on the 2010, 2011 and 2012 selection pages in October and November, as many of you in higher ed were working on your 2013 card.

The good news is that you still have time to email me at your holiday cards for consideration. I will accept submissions until Wednesday Dec 11, 2013 at midnight ET (then, you will always be able to share your link in the comment of the post to be published early next week).

But, since were talking about holiday card videos and they almost always include some music, its the perfect time to remind you about an important point in YouTube TOS.

So lets get started with this Social Media TOS Tuesday.

YouTube will honor any valid DMCA take-down requests after all, its the law.

They also have implemented a program called Content ID, that allows copyrights holders to upload their content to YouTube copyrighted materials library.

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See whats new in WordPress 3.8.

Today’s release of WordPress 3.8 is revolutionary in the history of WordPress—and a clear sign of things to come from the popular content management system. Sporting a clean new interface, tons of new features, and a new development philosophy, the 3.8 release is a milestone for the WordPress community in many ways. We’re already hard at work updating our WordPress Essential Training course to reflect WordPress 3.8, but there’s a lot to notice in today’s release beyond just what ships in the code.

For those outside of the WordPress community, these statements might not seem revolutionary—but the shifts are certainly new: WordPress updates have never previously had firm dates, and have often missed their target dates by months. Parallel de

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