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Reporter Anne Ryman reported in the Arizona Republic on Sunday about the many ways charter school leaders in that state have benefited from business deals with the taxpayer-funded schools.

Great Hearts Texas President Peter Bezanson at a September community meeting in San Antonio.

Included in the story were two Arizona-based charter schools – BASIS Schools and Great Hearts Academies – that just last week received charters from the State Board of Education to expand their operations to San Antonio.

Ryman’s story described how the non-profit Great Hearts Academies spent nearly $1 million since July 2009 on textbook purchases from a company run by Great Hearts board member Daniel Sauer.

It went on to explain that BASIS Schools contracts for nearly all its goods and services with a for-profit company owned by school district founders Michael and Olga Block. Micha

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Wake County Commissioner Tony Gurley is attributing “jealousy” and unexpected defections among state House Republicans for the defeat of a bill that would have changed who controls school construction.

Wake GOP commissioners had asked for state legislation that would have turned authority for school construction away from the school board and over to the county. After starting as a statewide bill, the state Senate approved a version that only included Wake and a handful of other counties.

After that bill stalled in the House, a new bill affecting only Wake was approved by the Senate. But

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  • Among names being imagined for the citys next chancellor: John King, Barbara Byrd-Bennett.
  • Education historian Diane Ravitch has endorsed Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for mayor.
  • Liza Featherstone: School libraries allow for reading for pleasure, so we need to preserve them.
  • Chicago schools opened today with police escorts for children walking through new zones.
  • Advice for the many parents anticipating a return to a school-year schedule: Dont wait!
  • One of Israels teachers unions is going on strike because the other union won more perks.
  • Merryl Tisch on Bill Thompsons mayoral temperament and other education policy issues.
  • South Korean students dont love their terrific schools.

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I am a confirmed logophile—an incurable lover of words. I grin over word origins, the languages that have spun together to create our diverse English vocabulary. I love playing archaeologist, digging up deep meanings to words we often ignore.

One of my favorite words is encourage.

Now, there are a lot of words I love. But encourage is special because the meaning is incredibly apparent. For me, the clarity came in a shocking, still moment while I was taking the final Signature Leadership Course.

Encourage. To put courage into someone.

Put courage in.

That is just what Dr. Jeff Myers did for me. With his words, he put into me the courage to live an adventure.

One wise man called encouragement “the oxygen of the soul.” And when Dr. Myers

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As of this writing, I have only the two DESTIHL events I teased in my last article. But you’ll be busy the next day because it’s time to hunt down FoBAB tickets in the no doubt fewer than 30 seconds they’ll be available.

Monday, Aug. 19

BrickStone Bottles Coming to Chicago
Binny’s Beverage Depot, Chicago area stores
BrickStone, the small brewpub from Bourbonnais finally has some bottles making their way to the Chicago area. Their award winning pale ale will lead the pack along with a cherry ale and Shady Summer, a wheat beer with lemon. Look for these beers in 22oz. bottles in the Chicagoland Binny’s the week of August 19th. (There’s a chance it may turn up at other retail accounts; I’ve got this info from the Binny’s website).

DESTIHL Chicago Debut Tapping
Paddy Long’s Irish Pub, 1028 W.

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The unanimous decision by the California Supreme Court has implications for students with special education or treatment plans under federal disabilities laws. The Obama administration filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case arguing that schools may use lay personnel to administer insulin when complying with a student’s plan.

Ultimately, the California high court held that state law “expressly permits trained, unlicensed school personnel to administer prescription medications such as insulin in accordance with the written statements of a student’s treating physician and parents.”

Such personnel who carry out doctors’ orders in that way are exempt from state laws prohibiting the unauthorized practice of nursing, the court added.

“State law in effect leaves to each student’s physician, with parental consent, the question whether insulin may safely and appropriately be administered by unlicensed school personnel, and reflects the practical reality that most insulin administered outside of hospitals and other clinical settings is in fact administered by laypersons,” the state supreme court said in its Aug.

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School safety, academically gifted education, board member ethics and school names are among the topics that the Wake County school board will deal with Tuesday.

During the work session, the board will discuss the recommendations from the task force that was formed to review school safety. Several media outlets have focused on how Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison, a task force co-chair, suggested the school system form its own police force, but that’s not officially part of the task force’s recommendations.

Also during the work session, the board will receive an audit report on the district’s academically and intellectually gifted education program. The audit found various problems with how the AIG program is implemented.

The board will also discuss whether to revise the ethics policy to include punishments for board members who are deemed to have not acted ethically.

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