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A disgraced former principal whose academic fraud drew personal condemnation from Chancellor Dennis Walcott is picking up city paychecks again after successfully escaping the citys efforts to fire her.

The Department of Education moved to fire Lynn Passarella after an investigation found that she fudged academic records, misused funds, and falsified student transcripts as principal at Theatre Arts Production Company middle and high school.

But more than a year after charges were filed, an arbitrator ruled that termination was an excessive penalty — even though he agreed that Passarella, a 17-year tenured employee of the school system, had indeed committed much of the misconduct that investigators found and should not be allowed to lead a school.

In her defense, Passarella argued that she was set up to fail by an accountability system installed under the Bloomberg administration.

The case spotlights an issue that has long frustrated department officials, who argue that labor laws protect school employees from being fired for even the most egregious misconduct. Whil

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This week’s InDesign FX video shows how to create the look of a photo glued into a scrapbook. The effect is achieved by adding a stroke to the photo, plus four triangular objects that resemble adhesive photo corners.

This technique is a nifty way of presenting a photo, and it illustrates effective use of small drop shadows, rounded corners, and the use of a light gray tint instead of pure white for added realism—all effects that have useful application in many other InDesign effects.

But maybe the most valuable aspect of this lesson is how it demonstrates a way to fix inconsistent shadows and highlights that undermine the realism of an effect, a common problem you can encounter when you flip or rotate objects after youve applied transparency effects to them.

To illustrate where the problem occurs, lets consider each step in this effect.

First, the placed image is given a stroke and a drop shadow, so it looks like a printed photograph:

Then, the first photo corner is created by applying Bevel and Emboss effects to a small triangular object:

And the other three photo corners are created by duplicating, flipping, and rotating that triangle:

Can you spot the shadow and highlight problem with the photo corners in the image above? When

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