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Comprehensive on Completion Marylands public colleges are working to comply with one of the nations most ambitious college completion bills. High schools must test students on their college readiness before they finish their junior years and create transition courses for students who are deemed unprepared. Public colleges must require students to complete at least one non-remedial math and English course as part of their first 24 credits.

I love holidays cards. So, every year since 2010, I watch lots of them to create a nice little collection for everybodys viewing pleasure (2010 collection, 2011 collection and 2012 collection)

This year again, I asked the readers of my weekly newsletter (not a subscriber yet?) if they could send links to their 2013 holidays cards. I also got some suggestions via Twitter and Facebook.

So, heres the selection of my favorites 2013 holidays videos (in no specific order).

If you have a holiday card or have seen a cool one that isnt listed here, post a comment so we can all watch it and get inspired, next year, when its time to come up with an idea for the 2014 Holiday Video :-)

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

Dont forget to post yours in the comment!

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Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose has begun to  play basketball  for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee 1 ½ years ago. For Rose, the cost of not having surgery was clear — he is among the highest paid athletes in the world — but what does the average person have to lose?

For the first time, researchers have determined the economic benefit of having reconstructive ACL surgery, offering helpful information for the more than 200,000 people — often amateur athletes but including people of any age — who suffer ACL tears in the U.S. every year. The average lifetime benefit of having surgery is $50,000 per patient, and there is an estimated lifetime savings in the U.S. of $10.1 billion annually, according to a study published Oct. 2 in the <

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For Immediate Release

In December, Utah Valley residents will have the opportunity to enliven their holiday season by attending Utah Valley University’s bi-annual Opera Workshop, this year titled “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” The concert, which will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 13 and 14, will highlight 20 opera, operetta, musical theatre and art songs.

Held at the end of each fall and spring semester, The Opera Workshop highlights some of the most exquisite music ever written, performed by students from UVU’s Opera Workshop class.

“This semester’s workshop title — ‘Something Wicked’ — is thematic,” explained Tyler Nelson, director of vocal studies at UVU. “All of the pieces that will be performed have dark, mysterious undertones. Many of the pieces will

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On September 15, David Smallen became the Vice President for Libraries and Information Technology, a position that allows him to create new pathways of collaboration between the traditional functions of both the Burke Library and Information Technology (IT). Smallen has been at Hamilton since 1972—“I sometimes joke that I handed out the pistols at Hamilton’s duel,” he said—and has been involved with the Information Technology department since 1974.

“I had used computers a little bit before, but I was originally a member of the Mathematics department,” he said. As he made hi

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From Education First:

In just over a year from now, the vast majority of states are planning to transition to Common Core-aligned assessments. This transition is a crucial step in fully implementing the new standards, as these assessments will measure the extent to which students are mastering the content and skills embedded in the standards-something most current state assessments simply cannot do.

   The push to meet this milestone is pressure-packed. The clock is ticking, and state policymakers are working hard to discern fact from fiction and to keep up with

the rapidly changing landscape so they can understand, communicate and weigh their options effectively.


Weve been working closely with state leaders, foundations and other organizations to help provide information, analysis and strategic support to facilitate sound decision-making and implementation of high-quality, Common Core-aligned assessments. Th

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Rutgers School of Dental Medicine launched its redesigned responsive website in October.

Thomas Minnefor was among the first higher ed professionals to take the 4-week online course on responsive web design taught by eduStyle Founder, Stewart Foss..

Im always excited to learn about new responsive sites in higher ed, but its even more exciting when its the work of one of our Higher Ed Experts alums (school pride, I guess ;-).

Thats why I asked Thomas a few questions about the project so we can all learn from his experience.

The goal was to optimize display and access of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine site on mobile devices. The site had gone through a redesign that was launched in February, but the focus at that time was desktop display, with mobile considered a “phase 2” effort. We launched the responsive design in October.

The biggest challenge was determining the type of navigation system to develop. We did a lot of research and spent significant time assessing how sites implement RWD navigation. The challenge for academic sites is the large number of pages. Providing clear access becomes more difficult on mobile as the number of pages/sections increase. We’ve been happy with the off-canvas approach that slides out from the left. It’s flexible, scales well and provides a consistent access point for navigating the site.

A responsive design needs to provide access to every page, so clear architecture and navigation is key for the site visitor. User experience is also impacted by site performance, so testing and optimizing for download speed prior to launch is important.

The Higher Ed Experts course on responsive websites for higher ed provided a great introduction to the many different aspects of responsive web design. It provided us with the foundation needed to move forward with responsive web design. All our sites now incorporate this process.

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