Quality childcare is important now more than ever. With electronics taking over our lives—especially with the very young and more women in the workforce–it is important to ensure that your child has quality daycare or in-home care, because the lack of quality child care can make a big difference in the behaviour of your child.

Day care centers have their disadvantages and their advantages. Some day care centers have many children—sometimes over 30 and other day care centers have fifteen or less. If there are 15 or less children and several daycare workers, the chances of your child being taken care of in a good way, are much better. The ratio of child care providers and children is something a parent needs to consider because you want you child to be more than just a number; you want him or her to get the attention and help that he or she needs throughout the day.

Keep in mind, too, that the more children that are in a day care setting, the more bacteria and germs that will be floating around. To ensure that quality care is given to your child, some advise doing a “routine check” to see how your child is doing. Other studies have shown that a curriculum that is language based, has a low teacher-child ratio and if the class size is small, are factors that make for a positive and caring experience for the child.

Other studies that have been conducted show that if a child’s stay in a daycare setting is long–say several years–he or she will show more stress and could later lead to aggressive and disobedient acts. Another study conducted two years ago also showed that if a child is in daycare for many, long hours, he or she will show stress and may later show signs of aggressiveness and other behavior concerns.

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