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What can our services do for you?

We support all schools and advocate for all students by offering high-quality consulting, counselors and teachers!

It’s important to us that our independent-contracted teachers and counselors feel fully informed and confident when working with us. 

Our main goal at Let's CHAT is to provide students the tools to be successful.  We have expert-level professional counselors and educators available to guide all children to self-efficacy, in support of our teachers in the schools district-wide, and in local small communities for volunteer work and guidance.  We hope to always create a safe, encouraging environment for children to strive to achieve their highest level of excellence, in all domains; academic, career and post-secondary coaching, and positive social-emotional development.  Our counselors and educators are certified and insured.


What are the benefits to traveling counselors and tutors?

Our counselors are experienced, certified, professional entrepreneurs who work for you and your school.  The contract is with your teachers, administration, students, and families, working by the hour, so there are no benefits to pay, like medical/dental and pension, or tax headaches.  Our tutors and counselors will be 1099'd from your school or district each year.  Simple and easy, and our goal is for your students to be successful.

What if the counselor or tutor is not what we expected?

This is a contracted counselor/tutor, so you could change after the 30 day contract to another tutor or counselor.  Simply call or email me, Julie Lilienkamp, and we can set up a new contract and contact.

How do I know if I should get a comprehensive full consulting or the flat fee consulting to set up a counselor/tutor?

Our consulting is the basic four phase, which is a visit to the school, or it can be online (Zoom), with a follow up of three more visits to set up a success plan.  If there are more questions and more needs, the consulting can then change to a comprehensive custom plan.